Ferrites are electrically non-conductive ferromagnetic ceramic compound materials Consisting of various mixtures of iron oxide such as Hematite(Fe2O3) or Magnetite(Fe3O4) and oxides of other metals.
They have a low coercivity because of their comparatively low losses at high frequency. They have a high remanence after magnetization and are made with iron oxide, barium, and stontium oxide.
Low loss of Hysteresis
( S curve of graph)
High loss of Hysteresis
( H curve of graph)
We’re producing Mn-Zn and Ni-Zn ferrite which are superior magnetic features at high Frequency comparing other metal magnetic materials.

- Low initial permeability and Saturation High resistivity
- Applicable Frequency Range:200KHz~100MHz

- Shape : DR, Bar, SMD, POT, EFD and CUP
- High initial permeability and Saturation Low resistivity
- Applicable Frequency Range:16KHz~5MHz

- Shape : EE, EEA, EER, EFD, EI, EPC, UU, SQE and TR